Studying robots & companionship

Within the LIREC project 3 partners (Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), Eötvös Loránd University (EOTETO) and Otto-Friedrich – Universitat Bamberg) have done ethological studies of human-dog relationships in order to inform the interaction design process of companion robots. They conducted psychological studies at an early phase to survey attitudes, hopes and fears about introducing companion technologies in our everyday life. These two types of studies are relevant in pre-product development stages to learn about potential target audience for commercial robots. Within the project expertise was developed based on years of user-centered studies ranging from short-term to intense and long-term studies of in-the-wild interaction with robotic companions such as robotic toys and hospital robots. Furthermore, ethics is a natural ingredient in all these studies and in the work, they elevate potential and emerging ethical issues in open public discussions and discourse.

These partners are a part of LIREC (Living with Robots & Interactive Companions) a 5 year EU-funded project that ends in August 2012.

Contact Information:
Stina Nylander, Senior Researcher, Swedish Institute of Computer Science,
Dr. Sibylle Ens, Bamberg University,
Dr. Adam Miklosi, Eötvös University,