Still trying to form a team

XiaoYan Deng is now full-time on the HW team working on WP7 and WP9 looking at issues relating to migration and a distributed architecture that can support it

Amol Deshmukh is due to join the project at the start of September and will work on WP9 with particular reference to the robot platform

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References and reading material to provide some background to the research. A more detailed Bibliography is also available.

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LIREC - LIving with Robots and InteractivE Companions

LIREC aims to establish a multi-faceted theory of artificial long-term companions (including memory, emotions, cognition, communication, learning, etc.), embody this theory in robust and innovative technology and experimentally verify both the theory and technology in real social environments. Whether as robots, social toys or graphical and mobile synthetic characters, interactive and sociable technology is advancing rapidly. However, the social, psychological and cognitive foundations and consequences of such technological artefacts entering our daily lives - at work, or in the home - are less well understood.

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LIREC Press Release 13-Apr-2008

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Our work suggests that touch integrated on the time-scale of a few minutes is a surprisingly effective index of social connectedness, Tanaka says. Something akin to this index may be used by the human brain to evaluate its own sense of social well-being. He adds that social robots like QRIO could greatly enrich classrooms and assist teachers in early learning programs.

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Wroclaw: a cradle of intelligent robots.

Krzysztof Tchon was interviewed about LIREC for a Polish radio station.

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