The Inside Story Behind Pleo’s Rise, Fall, and Resurrection

"This article contains notes from a 1-hour phone call with Ugobe founder Derek Dotson, now CEO of Innvo Labs Corporation, the company that acquired the rights to Pleo at the recent bankruptcy auction. Dotson reveals the hidden story behind Pleo's rise, fall, and resurrection including intriguing facts about the money trail and what he feels caused Ugobe to fail, including how he had to save Pleo's future on more than one occasion. He also lays out in plain detail Innvo Labs's strategy to help owners of older Pleos and those whose units were swallowed up by Ugobe's bankruptcy."
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Polish radio station Eska on "An artificial human?"

The Polish radio station Eska asks about "An artificial human?’’ [mp3 recording in polish]
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Mein Freund, der Roboter

"Spätestens seit Filmen wie I-Robot oder A.I. ist klar: Das einzige Wesen, das über dem Menschen stehen kann, ist die Maschine. Angst und Faszination vor den künstlichen Lebewesen beschäftigten auch die Wissenschaft. Die Gruppe für Interdisziplinäre Psychologie (GRIP) geht der Frage nach, wie soziale Beziehungen zu künstlichen Agenten und Robotern entstehen und unter welchen Bedingungen sie aufrecht erhalten werden können."
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Imagina website (school experiments)

"For several months Cnotinfor has performed tests and experiments with students from portuguese schools to evaluate if it is possible for a virtual agent to engage and establish a relationship with its users. This is a demonstration of the work carried out during those experiment sessions."
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KASPAR to make an appearance at science festival

"KASPAR, a child-sized robot designed specifically for human-robot interaction, has been taught to name objects by using similar mechanisms that human infants use to understand object names. Dr Joe Saunders and Dr Kheng Lee Koay, part of the University’s School of Computer Science, have created KASPAR to show the team’s world leading research into developing robots as social companions. KASPAR will take part in the exhibition at the Manchester Science Festival on October 26 and 27."
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