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"Robots are learning to become more human. But what are the goals and boundaries of such progress?"

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First Integrated Companions

Heriot Watt Showcases

Team Buddy

Video 1

Greet Task: In the first skeleton example video, we show the robot SARAH (Social Agent Robot to Aid Humans) performing the greet behaviour. This example follows from a routine task (greet) for the robot to sense the user, approach the user keeping a comfortable distance from the user and greet the user entering the lab. The competencies developed for this task are Face Detection and User proxemics control. The example demonstrates the integration of the generic software architecture developed for the LIREC project (D.9.3). The 3 layers of the architecture are explained below:

At home with the android family

"Professor Kerstin Dautenhahn explains the possibility of robots as companions or as a therapeutic tool for children with autism"
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Lirec looking for an Evangelist

LIREC to hire industry dissemination leader (evangelist)

Overview of tasks:
- Promote and disseminate knowledge about the LIREC project
- Target possible industry and end-users
- Support interactions between the research team and industry
- Attend a number of agreed trade events on behalf of LIREC lead research
- Provide reports on a monthly basis to the LIREC coordinator
- Budget management

Description and purpose of activities:

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Learning to love to hate robots - LIREC in New Scientist

Maria Håkansson from SICS has been interviewed in New Scientist about our long-term study of the robotic toy dinosaur Pleo in the homes of families. Read the article here.
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