Toward a robotic companion design

TitleToward a robotic companion design
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsArent K, Janiak M, Kędzierski J, Kreczmer B, Małek Ł, Muszyński R, Oleksy A, Tchoń K
Corporate AuthorsWRUT LIREC Group
InstitutionWrocław University of Technology
AbstractThis report contains an overview of representative, modern designs of social robots and their components, that has motivated the specification of a robotic companion to be built within the LIREC project. Initially, the LIREC robotic companion should serve as a research platform for conducting the LIREC research and experimental work. Ulti- mately, the robot should be converted into a long term robotic companion equipped with memory, learning, cognitive, social, and migration capabilities. The robot specification has been formulated by taking into consideration both the LIREC’s objectives and the state of the art in the area of social robotics. This specification, presented in Chapter 4 of this report, is concerned mainly with the ”body” of the new robot. The robot’s tentative name could be FLASH (Flexible LIREC Autonomous Social Helper).
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