ArtBots 2011, the Robot Talent Show

Ghent, Belgium 7-9 October 2011 – SADBot is a robot that loves the summer and long sunny days. He uses the energy from the sun to make drawings. Spectators can influence the activity level and the direction of the pen by changing the amount of sunlight. SADBot goes to sleep when it gets dark.

ArtBots, the international robot talent show will this year take place in Ghent, Belgium. After an open call, timelab Gent selected 10 art (producing) robots in cooperation with ArtBots US, Ghent University and Foam. The show's program is an exciting combination of conceptual ideas mixed with robotics. Ten robots will be presenting themselves together with their maker to the public. Some of the robots will demonstrate their natural and humanlike behaviour. Others will provoke interesting questions about plants having a soul, or how daylight can affect a robot's mood.. Meet the robots and their makers at ArtBots Gent 2011 and find out more about the fascinating world of robotic art!

This year's participants are: The Voice Extruder with Ranjit Bhatnagar (USA), Noisolation Headphones with Alex Braidwood (USA), Jurema Action Plant with Ivan Henriques (BR), Emoti-Bots with Katie Koepfinger en Burcum Turkmen (USA), Unrund with Korinna Lindinger (AT), Korn with Logos (B), Acquired Knowledge with Alexander Reben, SADbot with Dustyn Roberts en Ben Leduc Mills (USA), Steadystate V2 with Shahar Zaks (USA).

ArtBots Gent is supported by the Flemish Authorities and has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 215554.

Venue details:
UFO Gent University, Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 35, 9000 Gent
Entrance Free

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