Secret Robot House

If you're in or around London on June 15th, you could have the chance to come and meet some of the Lirec robots in progress in a very unique invite-only event in Hatfield.

We will be opening the doors of one of our secret robotics research space to a selected 15 people and treat them to an evening of drinks, food, talks around the topic of robot research realities & fictions and some real robots!

You will hear from:

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Lirec at RoboLIFT / InnoRobo

Here is the talk I gave at RoboLift in Lyon last March. Hope you find it interesting!

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Lirec on CBC

I was interviewed by the Spark radio show on CBC hosted by Nora Young and I talked a little about Lirec's work. Listen here.
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Lirec EU Robotics Forum 2011 workshop

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KASPAR to make an appearance at science festival

"KASPAR, a child-sized robot designed specifically for human-robot interaction, has been taught to name objects by using similar mechanisms that human infants use to understand object names. Dr Joe Saunders and Dr Kheng Lee Koay, part of the University’s School of Computer Science, have created KASPAR to show the team’s world leading research into developing robots as social companions. KASPAR will take part in the exhibition at the Manchester Science Festival on October 26 and 27."
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Hi, my name is Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (just call me Alex) and I've been invited to blog here by and add to the general conversations around the Lirec project. I thought I would start this thread by introducing myself and what I'll be contributing to the online presence of the project.
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