"Why Faces are Special?" makes the CERN film festival

Lirec makes the official selection of the International Film Festival at CERN, Cineglobe 2012.

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Robot Futures video

If you didn't have the opportunity to join us last December for our Robot Futures evening at the Royal Geographical Society, here is the panel discussion we had with guests Peter McOwen (Queen Mary University), Matt Jones (BERG), Dr Dan O'Hara (Weavrs), Ghislaine Boddington (body/data/space). The discussion was chaired by Olivia Solon (Wired UK).

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Robot Futures: an event at the Science Museum of London

As part of Lirec's presence in the upcoming exhibition RobotVille, we're pleased to invite you to join us on December 1st at the Science Museum for an evening of demos & a panel discussions on the nature of robots.

Tickets are free and event details are here.

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ArtBots 2011, the Robot Talent Show

Ghent, Belgium 7-9 October 2011 – SADBot is a robot that loves the summer and long sunny days. He uses the energy from the sun to make drawings. Spectators can influence the activity level and the direction of the pen by changing the amount of sunlight. SADBot goes to sleep when it gets dark.

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Lirec at the Royal Society

Lirec's work will be presented at the Royal Society this summer as part of an exhibition. The work will focus on facial recognition.

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Report from the Secret Robot House

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