Little Mozart: Establishing long term relationships with (virtual) companions

TitleLittle Mozart: Establishing long term relationships with (virtual) companions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsCorreia S, Pedrosa S, Costa J, Estanqueiro M
Conference Name9th International Conference on Intelligent VIrtual Agents
Date Published2009
Conference LocationAmsterdam
Keywordsemotion, expression, interaction, lirec, mind
AbstractThis paper aims to present e the work developed at Cnotinfor within the LIREC project. We will present Little Mozart mind architecture and facial expressions. Our goal is to create a virtual e-learning agent capable of establishing meaningful interactions with children on how to compose and improve their knowledge of melodic composition and basics of musical language. In order to make our agent believable and engaging we resorted to facial and body 3D modeling techniques as a strategy for expressing emotion through multimodal communication.
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