What is a Robot companion - Friend, Assistant or Butler?

TitleWhat is a Robot companion - Friend, Assistant or Butler?
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsDautenhahn K, Woods SN, Kaouri C, Walters ML, Koay KL, Werry I
Conference NameProceedings of IEEE RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robot Systems (IROS'05)
Date PublishedAugust
AbstractThe study presented in this paper explored people’s perceptions and attitudes towards the idea of a future robot companion for the home. A human-centred approach was adopted using questionnaires and human-robot interaction trials to derive data from 28 adults. Results indicated that a large proportion of participants were in favour of a robot companion and saw the potential role as being an assistant, machine or servant. Few wanted a robot companion to be a friend. Household tasks were preferred to child/animal care tasks. Humanlike communication was desirable for a robot companion, whereas humanlike behaviour and appearance were less essential. Results are discussed in relation to future research directions for the development of robot companions. Ist reference for: It must be able to perform a range of useful tasks or functions It must carry out these tasks or functions in a manner that is socially acceptable, comfortable and effective for people it shares the environment with and interacts with.
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